An unexpected winner at Golden Globes: Fiji Water Girl

One might say that coverage of the 76th Golden Globes followed a different path this year. Usually, it’s all about celebrities – who wore what, who won what and all that jazz. Yet this time it was a little different.

To be quite honest, I do not normally follow Hollywood events like that. A few years back I’d take interest in gowns and jewels, but I guess I’m just not that much into it anymore. I don’t seek out the winners and losers in next day articles, but this time pictures and news literally jumped at me on social media.

Funny enough, I didn’t get to know the names of winners of the Golden Globes this year. Yet somehow I know about the girl in a pretty blue cascading dress who was holding a tray with Fiji water bottles. “Fiji Water Girl” photobombed a whole bunch of celebrity photos by posing in the background. Her name is Kelleth Cuthbert, and her Instagram handle is @kellethcuthbert. By the way, she seems to be adding about 10-15k followers a day now as of Tuesday, January 8, which is pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

Fiji has embraced this PR opportunity by posting a few memes and videos playing the situation off on their social media. However, they never mentioned her name or Instagram handle on any of the posts, which some fans wondered about.

We’ll never know if the stunt was planned all along, or if it just happened by accident. Kelleth seems to be a well-spoken, very pretty and photogenic girl with a good sense of humor. I wish her all the best and to make the most of her spotlight. She’s already been on “The Late Late Show” with James Corden with her “Fiji Water Girl” act, seeming to enjoy and make of fun of it at the same time.

There’s a lesson to learn for all of us here: don’t be afraid to shine. Don’t be that shy person in the corner wondering how you’ve even ended up at the event or if you belong there. Socialize, take pictures, network and have fun. Serve looks!

So many people ( me among them) use the excuse of being introverts. We pass so many opportunities by neglecting full potential. Yet we’ll never know which door might open before trying it out first.