The Artist’s Way – Join me for a 12 week Journey!

the artists way by julia cameron introduction

If you’re an overthinker like I am, you need to read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. This book takes the reader on a 12-week journey of creativity, reflection and unblocking.

We all have our own understanding of concepts like creativity, inspiration, and talent. Some of them might have been discovered through our own experience, and some of them might have been picked up through other people, movies, and books. Julia Cameron shines the light on the fact that our understanding might be not fully true – it describes beliefs rather than ultimate axioms.

Julia Cameron The Artist Way, 25th anniversary edition

For example, I believed that a person with great inborn talent will always achieve more than a hard worker who merely wishes to be talented. I’m not sure where this belief came from, but it sure limited me in the ways I could envision creativity for myself. Until last year, I’d never dare to draw for a simple reason that I didn’t think I was talented enough, not good enough. Having read a few chapters of the book, I started wondering – am I not good enough to draw in a coloring book? Am I not talented enough to admire paintings by other artists? Am I a wannabe if I dare to self-educate on various art topics, and feel comfortable enough in art-related conversation?

Creativity is frequently accompanied by tons of roadblocks, and so many roadblocks are put up by our own minds. The Artist’s Way takes these obstacles apart one by one, approaching them from fascinating viewpoints.

Morning Pages for Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Despite starting this book a year ago, I never finished it the first time around. I won’t sugarcoat it: this journey demands a lot from you. It demands honesty, it demands self-reflection, it demands a high level of emotional sobriety and self-care at the same time. More importantly, this course requires time and consistency – it is a 12-week commitment that is sealed by a contract to self that you sign before you start this journey. I wasn’t ready for it the first time, but this time I’m more self-aware, and know what I’m getting myself into. I welcome change in my creative self, and I welcome you to join me on this road!

I’m going to start with Chapter 1 of the book this Monday, Feb 4, 2019. Every Monday I will read a new chapter (feel free to spread it between 2-3 days if life gets in the way). All the tasks will be done Monday through Saturday, and Sunday will be devoted to writing a blog post to describe my experience and progress. I call it an accountability post, as I am considering it to be both a checkpoint and motivation for the upcoming week.

the 12-week journey
Join me on a creative 12-week journey to unblock creativity and unleash inspiration.
I’m starting #theArtistsWay by Julia Cameron on Monday, February 4

Every week there are new tasks to complete, and there are several tools that will need to be utilized consistently. There are morning pages to write daily and Artist’s date that will need to be done every week of this 12-week course. Morning pages are 3 pages written by hand first thing in the morning that contain your most random wonderful thoughts. Artist’s Date is a joyful event, an adventure to take your inner child on. You can read more about both tasks in the book itself as Julia Cameron describes both concepts in a wonderful, intriguing matter.

Today is Tuesday – it seems like there is just enough time to pick the book (be it in a store, on Amazon or in the closest library), read the introduction chapter of it and get excited about the upcoming 12-week journey! Next 3 months are going to be a creative wonder, and I can’t wait to travel it with you! Comment here if you chose to go on this journey with me, feel free to share your experience here, or link your Accountability posts if you chose to write them out like I did. Best of luck to all of us, let inspiration and creativity flow!

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