The Artist’s Way: Week 6

WEEK 6: Recovering a sense of abundance, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Welcome back to The Artist’s Way series! As you might have noticed, I took a warning-free week-long break from work on the series – and I’m not sorry! However, I believe explanation is in order. So let’s begin!

Here’s the scoop: my last week has been completely dominated by extraneous circumstances. What was the enormous distraction that made me overthink my commitment to the series? You’ll never guess 🙂

It was rugs. Yes, rugs! Before you dismiss this explanation as something incredibly silly and very ‘excuse-like’ , let me elaborate.

My family – my husband Jose, me, and our two cats Starbuck and Apollo – have recently moved to a new place. It is quite wonderful, but we faced a serious problem that we didn’t think through prior to moving in.

This wonderful studio apartment has pink carpet. Well, dirty pink – after all the years of use. And we have cats. Any pet owner knows the level of anxiety around carpets I’m talking about. Cats roll on them, scratch them, but worse of all – they puke. And sometimes they do it at night, when noone is awake in time to pick it up right away and avoid the stain.

So, 3 yellow on pink marks later, we decided that we needed to do something. Getting rid of the carpet is not an option. Replacing it only to replace the replacement upon moving out – I don’t think so. So we opted to buy some carpets to cover the existing one. Clunky? Yes. Expensive? Yes. Made our lives better? 100%

Week 6: Recovering A Sense Of Abundance
I promise, the rant above is relevant!

Which (finally) leads us to the topic of Week 6 of The Artist’s Way journey – Recovering A Sense of Abundance. Buying an entire studio apartment worth of carpets in the middle of the off-season was ballsy. And we both agreed that it was necessary for our mental health, ability to sleep and relationship with our cats.

We both chose not to argue about money, and just go with the flow. Money always comes and goes. We work hard for it all summer, and we spend it heavy in the winter. We spend it to make our lives more comfortable – that is just a given.

Although I stressed the importance of this (silly to some) purchase, it didn’t come easy. We still had to pick them out (took me mere 2 weeks, indecisive much 🙂 ), make sure sizes are right, and actually place them in the house under ALL the furniture. Can you feel my stress?

Along came the purchase of a work table (ka-ching) and some other essentials that I’ve been holding off until the carpets were in place. I made a conscious effort to keep a positive attitude about all the spending as all of it was well thought through and OK’d by both of us.

You see, spending can equal investing in some cases. Moreover, spending can mean freedom – freedom from anxiety and stress, freedom to create. Accepting money as a flow rather take it for its face value is a work in progress, but I think I made that first leap last week.

On another note, morning pages are surprising me in way I didn’t think they could. I’ve been doing pretty well – 5/7 on average, but they got shorter. I start the exercise with enthusiasm, but what pours out is mostly just description of plans and my expectations. Deep thoughts and revelations that used to get have been MIA for the past 3 or so weeks.

I do have a theory on why that has happened. In the past year I took a few NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) courses. NLP is used to sort of reframe your way of thinking. On the simplest, most primitive level, instead of saying problem I use the word task, or opportunity. Focus switches to completing – solving – a task, instead of complaining about a problem. And while this and many other NLP techniques help me a lot in my everyday life, I found it to sort of block the stream of thoughts I need for Morning Pages.

I’ve only recently tapped into this thought, and I will definitely explore it deeper in the upcoming 6 weeks of the program. But for now, it’s 2 minutes past midnight, and I really gotta go to sleep. Side note – I need to manage my time way better than this.

However, I’m half way through the program! I’m so excited! This experience hasn’t been easy, but it has been enlightening. Hope you follow my blog for future updates!

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