I’m a Full-Time Freelancer!

I'm a full-time freelancer now just like this cat who's working hard on his laptop

I’m a full-time freelance writer now. Yay!

How come, you ask? You’re right; there’s always a story. Usually, it’s a dramatic and inspiring job-quitting saga, or moving-to-a-new-place gritty tale, or coming-of-age self-discovery journey. In my case, however, the story is boring as hell. I live and work in a seasonal town that simply doesn’t have many jobs available between November and May. As a local, you have a choice between moving to a busier location, applying for unemployment, or starting your own business that will bring you income at any time of the year.

My husband loves to live on Cape Cod so much, and relying on unemployment benefits goes against my moral principles, so freelance work full-time – here I am!

I write blog posts on various topics that include fashion, web design, marketing, economy, personal development, and spirituality. I repurpose content by writing summaries of Youtube videos, researching quotes, and creating social media posts out of old blog posts.

Sometimes when people get what they want, they realize how limited their goals were. A quote by Joan Holloway from the show "Mad Men"
Familiar feeling?..

It’s been a fun journey. I started doing current freelance work in September 2018 for a few clients that I knew personally. In April 2019, I decided to take it more serious and registered on 2 popular freelancer websites. I worked with quite a few great clients who became returning customers, and I found and lost a business partner (oh, that’ll be a fun story to tell!). I gained fantastic experience, as well as 20+ 5-star reviews. It’s been a hoot!

Actually, this was not the first time I turned to freelance for extra income. I started writing back in college to cover my expenses. It was an interesting experience back in 2010. I wrote in the Russian language as it’s my mother tongue. My commissioned blog posts were mostly about beauty and diets, and I was charging $3 per 1000 symbols. In retrospect, that seems like a bizarre rate – why charge per symbol when you can charge per page, per project, per word… But that’s what it was.

And here I am now – repeating my journey and taking this experience to a new level.

The more orders I receive and complete successfully, the more I realize that this is not the only way I should be growing my business. I love my returning customers and I appreciate the platform that facilitates the creative exchange. However, this is the conclusion I’ve arrived to: you don’t have much power and leverage when someone is choosing you out of a lineup of others. Yes, you get to ask as much money as you think your work is worth. However, negotiating a rate for more complex or custom orders hasn’t been very productive as people are not always willing to pay more once they’ve seen a lower benchmark.

I’ve been accepting orders and I’ve been letting clients come to me. It’s time I start reaching my dream clients, offer my services to companies that I admire, and work with clients that I myself choose. I’m so excited!

Well, that’s all my news. How about you? What’s new?

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