Ways To Cope With The Coronavirus Pandemic

ways to cope with the coronavirus pandemic

Sometimes I have to remind myself that not everybody out there is an introvert like me. It’s a funny concept, yes, that people are indeed different and that they behave in different ways. Shocking, I know. Yet we always get surprised when another person refuses to comply with the rules. That is especially true if those are the rules that you had no problem following. Also, it’s dreadful to witness how something that you manage to ignore triggers the living light out of another person. As humans, we often don’t get it. We start coming up with various explanations of how another person decided to act one way or another, completely overlooking the simplest and most universally true reason of them all: we are all different.

We can all see it now as the coronavirus pandemic is happening. Some people are in deep denial, some are on a verge of a mental breakdown, and some are making inappropriate jokes non-stop. All of these reactions are normal and reasonable, and reflect a coping mechanism that that particular person has developed during the course of their life.

When facing something this massive, everyone is using their coping mechanisms the best they can.

You see, there is no such thing as normal when it comes to ways people cope with the crisis. You might not like the fact that someone DMs you unchecked news every half-hour, but that’s not abnormal or inconceivable. This is simply how that other person takes control of the situation. They share news to reach out, get reassurance and feel like they are aware of what’s going on.

This is uncharted territory for all of us. The world has never been through a pandemic that has been reported on so extensively. Virtually, the whole wold is involved. When facing something this massive, everyone is using their coping mechanisms the best they can.

So please be nice to your friends and neighbors that don’t seem to react the same way. I don’t think we will ever share exactly the same feelings and opinions about anything, especially not about explosive topics such as this one.

There always will be the sarcastic and the pragmatic ones, the “greater good” and the spiritual ones, the greedy and the generous ones, the pessimistic and the optimistic ones. Neither are better that the other. Neither is the right way to react.

Live and let live. God, I’ve been using this phrase a lot lately.

Well, how are you feeling? How are you coping with the current Covid-19 situation?

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