Music Inspiration: “Another Late Night” Instrumental Playlist

Another Late Night Cover Art

Sometimes I still can’t wrap my mind around how magical music is.

Music makes us feel a full specter of emotions. It changes mood in an instant, and you can use that power to your advantage.

When I was in college, I used to seek out random playlists on Youtube to learn about new bands and new genres. I had the greatest time listening to random bands, signers, and musicians. I don’t think anything contributed to me becoming the person I am today as much as that experience.

I also loved listening to ambient music playlists for studying and work. It helps me concentrate on my work better and creates a pleasant cocoon of background sound. Instrumental music allows my thoughts flow without obstruction while also creating a rhythm that keeps me on track without getting destructed.

Now I make this kind of playlists myself. Here is the latest one that I’ve created:

I’m a huge fan of staying up late. I do it to have “me” time when my husband is asleep and my cats are busy playing with each other (right around 3am). I like how quiet and dark it gets when computer screen with the night mode on is the only source of light.

I’m currently posting one video per week on Sundays. Follow me on Youtube to listen to the playlists!

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