Pets And Plants: Why Taking Care of Others Makes You A Healthier Person

Taking care of physical and mental health seems like a lot right now. We’re all scared, be it of getting sick or being broke. And yet I still think that we are better off having something or someone to take care of.

Taking care of something or someone else is a luxury – it requires time, money, mental health resources and ability to focus on someone else’s needs. But you also appreciate it so much more now that you’ve invested all this effort into it. A plant that you’ve had for 2 years is not just a piece of greenery in your house. It’s now a living and breathing part of your family that has needs, whims, and memories associated with it.

Also, a lot of us find it easier to act adult-like and feel responsible when someone depends on us, be it kids, spouse, pets, or plants. They help us cling to sanity when the world is as crazy as it is nowadays. That’s why so many people went out of their way to adopt a pet at the beginning of the pandemic.

And while being stuck with other humans inside a tiny apartment may sometimes cause more issues than pleasure, having company is still something to be grateful for.

On a personal note, I’m still struggling with keeping my plants alive over the long-term. There’s a beautiful tree that’s not doing too well right now in my living room due to who knows what reason. After all, it could be too much or too little water, not enough light, or just plain it could be the wintertime that’s getting it down (oh how I can relate to that!).

Cats, however, are warm and fuzzy all year-round. Cuddling with them is better part of my day no matter how amazing my day is. And while having pets certainly has its costs and certain inconveniences (like having a harder time moving and traveling), I still think that marrying the guy who had 2 cats was the best decision of my life. And of course, it helps that the adorable cats are not the only reason that makes me feel this way 😀

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