The Moon Was Shining Bright

Skye slowly looked up and stared at the giant moon hanging in the sky. It was a dangerous thing to do; the cliff didn’t offer anything to grab onto. Skye immediately felt a bit lightheaded; the uneasy feeling in her stomach intensified. She could go on her knees and gain stability that way, but kneeling before the moon felt weird. She didn’t know what she was looking at, where she was, and who this strange land belonged to.

Skye Cloude looking at the unknown planet in the sky

Skye carefully stepped down from the edge of the cliff. Given the danger, the view was hardly worth it. Plus, she hasn’t seen most of the land anyway. This plateau was vast, and she had only explored the area to the east from her landing point. Skye’s boat, ‘Lightning’, was back at the portal that led her to this distant land. Skye made her way back there to grab some supplies.

So far, this place has been unusually peaceful and calm. She hasn’t seen anybody, not even skeevers or birds. There were no sounds apart from the roar of the waterfall. It seemed deafening and disorienting at first, but now she barely paid attention.

Hunter's Glade Landing

This place seemed abandoned. Skye was sure that it served as a home to someone once, probably a while back. The wild forest took over most of this plateau, but she could still see the clear signs of past habitance. She could recognize the pathways connecting the pier to the opening where someone must have camped long ago. Some boulders were out of place, and the white markings on them must have been added by the mysterious owner who was long gone.

The island was all hers. It seemed magical, remote, different from any other place she had visited before, both in Tamriel or Oblivion. Yet, it seemed weirdly right – a tired misfit has come across a quiet corner of the universe where she finally could live her life all by herself. No more questionable deals with Daedric Princes, no more endeavors to rescue the unlucky worshippers of the Divines, no more unfortunate casualties in the endless losing fight for justice.

She could finally exhale and just live. Her life-long dream was right in front of her, taking the form of a remote land unknown to any mortal man. Skye smiled and looked up at the sky. The moon was shining bright.

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