Lakemire Xanmeer Manor: The House Tour

Lakemire Xanmeer Manor is located in the northern area of Murkmire. It is a Xanmeer fortress that is reachable by ascending the ruined staircase.

The manor looks like it’s been abandoned for years. Once you are inside, you can see that the extensive grounds have been overtaken by the marsh waters. This structure used to be so much more than what the eye can see, but now only the central pyramid has retained its shape. The rest of the buildings got reduced to mere rubble and ruin.

A whirlpool found in the lake acts as an underwater portal to the main chamber, connecting to one of the enchanted aquarium windows.

The middle floor is the largest chamber of the pyramid. In this build, it houses an Alchemy station, a plant nursery, a relaxing spa area, a small kitchen, and a tiny secluded bedroom. The bottom level is a home to the Enchanting station and a library. The top level of the Manor is blocked off due to the 700-slot limit. 

Lakemire Xanmeer Manor holds a special place in my heart. This build is expensive – starting with the crown-only house itself, the Luxury Vendor-acquired glowing crystals, and unique plants that took real-life years to collect. I’ve put countless hours into it – and honestly, I’ve enjoyed every single one of them.

I love how much light this place now has despite a darker original disposition, and I feel like the Aquarium windows enhance the concept of the build instead of defining it. The Manor is a true introvert’s dream; you can do almost everything without ever leaving the premises. Additionally, this build accommodates the backstory of my OC, Ulville Thontvella, and her character development from an ambitious mage to a dangerous vampire to a friendly neighborhood witch who uses her knowledge to heal.

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