ways to cope with the coronavirus pandemic

Ways To Cope With The Coronavirus Pandemic

Sometimes I have to remind myself that not everybody out there is an introvert like me. It’s a funny concept, yes, that people are indeed different and that they behave in different ways. Shocking, I know. Yet we always get surprised when another person refuses to comply with the rules. That is especially true if those are the rules that you had no problem following. Also, it’s dreadful to witness how something that you manage to ignore triggers the living light out of another person. As humans, we often don’t get it. We start coming up with various explanations of how another person decided to act one way or another, completely overlooking the simplest and most universally true reason of them all: we are all different.

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5 Creativity Myths That Prevent You From Living A Creative Life

5 Creativity Myths That Prevent You From Living A Creative Life

Creativity myths are so sneaky! Sometimes they disguise as rationality, as logic and common sense. But trust me, creativity myths are just that – they are legends that a brain creates to protect itself from its worst fears. That’s a topic of its own, but for now – here are 5 myths that prevent you from living your life in a creative way.

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This is a post about taking responsibility for how much money I make

How I Took Responsibility For How Much Money I Made

I’ve been making my own money for years. I had my first official job when I was 17. I was cleaning the streets of my hometown for a month to earn $200 (that was a standard entry-level salary at home). I made my very first money when I was 7, when I was in second grade.

My school gave me $10 for finishing the first semester with top grades only. It felt so nice! There were only 5 of “scholarship” receivers that semester, and I felt super proud of myself to be one of them.

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I'm a full-time freelancer now just like this cat who's working hard on his laptop

I’m a Full-Time Freelancer!

I’m a full-time freelance writer now. Yay!

How come, you ask? You’re right; there’s always a story. Usually, it’s a dramatic and inspiring job-quitting saga, or moving-to-a-new-place gritty tale, or coming-of-age self-discovery journey. In my case, however, the story is boring as hell. I live and work in a seasonal town that simply doesn’t have many jobs available between November and May. As a local, you have a choice between moving to a busier location, applying for unemployment, or starting your own business that will bring you income at any time of the year.

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Tools for posting regularly and showing up online

You’re Not Lazy. You Simply Don’t Have The Right Tools. Yet.

Being a solopreneur is exhausting. In the world where content is the king, the workload gets more and more ridiculous. Some people (OK, it’s mostly only Gary Vee) go as far as claim that quantity is more important that quality. I used to be offended by that notion, now I reluctantly tend to agree.

This is the thing: the Internet is getting louder and louder. To stand out, you have to produce something of unsurpassed quality that is better or more innovative than anyone has ever seen before, or simply increase the odds of getting noticed by pumping out more content. And let’s be honest here, #2 is far easier and more realistic for the majority of content creators. It sounds incredibly tedious, but it’s feasible.

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Now you know what I did last summer. Enjoy this view of a lighthouse on Long Point beach of Cape Cod

Now you know what I did last summer

Happy Labor Day everyone! Now that the summer is officially over, it’s time to tell what I’ve been up to, and why I’ve been away from the Creative Overthinker blog.

On top of having my seasonal retail job (hello, #CapeCodLiving ), I started a writing business. I write blog posts, product descriptions, and any other website content for other bloggers and small businesses. I’ve also done ghostwriting (fun topic which I really want to analyze once I have a little bit more first-hand experience) and copywriting, which is quite exciting. That was my summer, thank you for your time, like and subscribe!

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