a bunch of trees coming together symbolizing me recovering a sense of connection as per chapter 7 of Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way"

The Artists’s Way: Recovering A Sense of Connection

Welcome to the Week 7 post of The Artist’s Way journey! This week it was about recovering a sense of connection. Once again exercises were aiming at proving that I had a creative streak in me all along, especially back in childhood years.

I do agree with this claim that Julia Cameron makes, and I do like the message. However, doing the exercises is becoming annoying.

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A word you should avoid to become a better blogger

A Word You Should Avoid To Become A Better Blogger

There’s nothing worse than getting through a lazy uninspired blog post that is written for the sake of writing and posting at least something. This one simple fix will make any article you write sound more engaging no matter what you’re writing about and who your audience is!

Read the following paragraph attentively. Can you guess what’s wrong with it?

Blogging has become very competitive. A lot of bloggers put a lot of their time and money into making their blogs very attractive. And although market is very saturated, there are ways to make your blog stand out. Some of them are very easy.

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WEEK 6: Recovering a sense of abundance, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

The Artist’s Way: Week 6

Welcome back to The Artist’s Way series! As you might have noticed, I took a warning-free week-long break from work on the series – and I’m not sorry! However, I believe explanation is in order. So let’s begin!

Here’s the scoop: my last week has been completely dominated by extraneous circumstances. What was the enormous distraction that made me overthink my commitment to the series? You’ll never guess 🙂

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Some thoughts on info business in 2019, free webinars and educational courses sold across the Internet

Some Thoughts on Modern Info Business

So, I just spent an hour on another info business webinar. The lecturer was recommended to me by a dear friend who owns an info business company herself (her link was not referral, no 🙂 )

The webinar was about traffic, a social media platform, and a search for a perfect client. You know the story. I got lured in by a few selling bullet points that seemed interesting, specific and original. They raised questions I had no immediate answers to, so I signed up. However, I again faced the issue why I don’t get curious for webinars that often anymore.

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Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way: Recovering a sense of possibility

The Artist’s Way: Week 5

Welcome back! This is my experience with the week 5 of The Artist’s Way program. Beware, rambling!

So, I took a break for a week. In Week 4 post I mentioned that I’m taking a week long break to move into a new apartment. And as any break does, this one hit me hard. We started moving last Friday, and the place has finally come together by this Thursday. Before that, we had piles of clothes on the floor and a plastic bin for a coffee table to eat on. It actually was quite fun, but it took a toll on me.

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overthinking relationship with cooking

Overthinking My Relationship with Cooking

Cooking has been such a controversial topic for me over the years. I took my time thinking if I should even bring it up – after all, it’s such a source of insecurity for me. I feel complicated about it, so I’d love to hear about experiences and opinions of other people!

Personally, I loathed cooking for a very long time. To me, it was a huge time waste, a boring daily chore, a gateway to a massive clean up, and (sigh) a very un-feminist thing to do.

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