I'm a full-time freelancer now just like this cat who's working hard on his laptop

I’m a Full-Time Freelancer!

I’m a full-time freelance writer now. Yay!

How come, you ask? You’re right; there’s always a story. Usually, it’s a dramatic and inspiring job-quitting saga, or moving-to-a-new-place gritty tale, or coming-of-age self-discovery journey. In my case, however, the story is boring as hell. I live and work in a seasonal town that simply doesn’t have many jobs available between November and May. As a local, you have a choice between moving to a busier location, applying for unemployment, or starting your own business that will bring you income at any time of the year.

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Tools for posting regularly and showing up online

You’re Not Lazy. You Simply Don’t Have The Right Tools. Yet.

Being a solopreneur is exhausting. In the world where content is the king, the workload gets more and more ridiculous. Some people (OK, it’s mostly only Gary Vee) go as far as claim that quantity is more important that quality. I used to be offended by that notion, now I reluctantly tend to agree.

This is the thing: the Internet is getting louder and louder. To stand out, you have to produce something of unsurpassed quality that is better or more innovative than anyone has ever seen before, or simply increase the odds of getting noticed by pumping out more content. And let’s be honest here, #2 is far easier and more realistic for the majority of content creators. It sounds incredibly tedious, but it’s feasible.

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A word you should avoid to become a better blogger

A Word You Should Avoid To Become A Better Blogger

There’s nothing worse than getting through a lazy uninspired blog post that is written for the sake of writing and posting at least something. This one simple fix will make any article you write sound more engaging no matter what you’re writing about and who your audience is!

Read the following paragraph attentively. Can you guess what’s wrong with it?

Blogging has become very competitive. A lot of bloggers put a lot of their time and money into making their blogs very attractive. And although market is very saturated, there are ways to make your blog stand out. Some of them are very easy.

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Some thoughts on info business in 2019, free webinars and educational courses sold across the Internet

Some Thoughts on Modern Info Business

So, I just spent an hour on another info business webinar. The lecturer was recommended to me by a dear friend who owns an info business company herself (her link was not referral, no 🙂 )

The webinar was about traffic, a social media platform, and a search for a perfect client. You know the story. I got lured in by a few selling bullet points that seemed interesting, specific and original. They raised questions I had no immediate answers to, so I signed up. However, I again faced the issue why I don’t get curious for webinars that often anymore.

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how to choose domain name for a new blog or creative project

How to Choose A Name and Domain For A New Project

Naming a new project is hard. No wonder you are totally overthinking it! Coming up with good ideas for a name always takes time, but the longer any good ideas get dissected, the sillier they start to sound until it’s hard to remember what was good about those ideas to begin with.

First, let’s admit that there are a few valid reasons to spend so much time thinking about it. A good name will not only get more attention; it will attract the right kind of attention.

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Marketing overview of a Pepsi Ad

(Self)Serving Marketing

Marketing is a fascinating subject to learn. For someone who does marketing for a living, it becomes a point of view, a way of thinking about the most trivial things. Just like a used car salesman can find a positive side to the worst car out there, an experienced marketer can find a convenient spin on any questionable product specification. It’s a feature, not a bug, remember?

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