How to avoid creative burnout

How To Avoid Creative Burnout

I know how burnout feels all too well. It’s the sinking emotion of dread and misery that sits somewhere between my chest and my stomach. It senses like a spring that gets compressed just a bit more every time I think of the task to be done. It is the feeling that makes me wonder if I’m really just lazy, unmotivated, or ungrateful for the opportunities I’ve been offered.

In my experience, nothing about the last sentence is ever true. Turns out, the self-inflicted guilt trips are in vain. It’s never the inherent laziness or lack of motivation that prevents me from “just doing it”; the task simply sucks, and that’s why I have 0 interest in it.

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I'm a full-time freelancer now just like this cat who's working hard on his laptop

I’m a Full-Time Freelancer!

I’m a full-time freelance writer now. Yay!

How come, you ask? You’re right; there’s always a story. Usually, it’s a dramatic and inspiring job-quitting saga, or moving-to-a-new-place gritty tale, or coming-of-age self-discovery journey. In my case, however, the story is boring as hell. I live and work in a seasonal town that simply doesn’t have many jobs available between November and May. As a local, you have a choice between moving to a busier location, applying for unemployment, or starting your own business that will bring you income at any time of the year.

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