how to choose domain name for a new blog or creative project

How to Choose A Name and Domain For A New Project

Naming a new project is hard. No wonder you are totally overthinking it! Coming up with good ideas for a name always takes time, but the longer any good ideas get dissected, the sillier they start to sound until it’s hard to remember what was good about those ideas to begin with.

First, let’s admit that there are a few valid reasons to spend so much time thinking about it. A good name will not only get more attention; it will attract the right kind of attention.

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Marketing overview of a Pepsi Ad

(Self)Serving Marketing

Marketing is a fascinating subject to learn. For someone who does marketing for a living, it becomes a point of view, a way of thinking about the most trivial things. Just like a used car salesmanΒ can find a positive side to the worst car out there, an experienced marketer can find a convenient spin on any questionable product specification. It’s a feature, not a bug, remember?

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