Week 2 of the artist's way

The Artist’s Way: Week 2

Recovering A Sense of Identity

Welcome back to my 12-week journey of the Artist’s Way! After a week’s delay due to unforeseen, but very welcome circumstances, today is the last day of week 2, and I’m excited to share my experience with you!

This chapter was all about recovering my own voice and embracing my childhood wounds in order to overcome them. It reminded me that a lot of times the annoyingly critical inner monologue has a voice of another person and , in fact, has nothing to do with how I feel.

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week 1 of the artist's way

The Artist’s Way: Week 1

Recovering a Sense of Safety

Week 1 was all about recognizing my limiting beliefs, uncovering hurtful memories, and remembering people who contributed to my creative journey in both positive and negative ways.

It was also about establishing a new daily habit – the Morning Pages, and a new weekly habit – the Artist’s Date. You can read about both practices more in my introduction post to the Artist’s Way series.

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the artists way by julia cameron introduction

The Artist’s Way – Join me for a 12 week Journey!

If you’re an overthinker like I am, you need to read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. This book takes the reader on a 12-week journey of creativity, reflection and unblocking.

We all have our own understanding of concepts like creativity, inspiration, and talent. Some of them might have been discovered through our own experience, and some of them might have been picked up through other people, movies, and books. Julia Cameron shines the light on the fact that our understanding might be not fully true – it describes beliefs rather than ultimate axioms.

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