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Skye Lavellan with Solas Dragon Age Inquisition

Of Rage And Despair

“I just feel so dumb, Leliana,” Skye Lavellan exhaled, dropping her head in her palms. “I feel so stupid. Has he ever even loved me?” Leliana was sitting across from Skye, her gaze following Inquisitor’s shifting body. Her eyes narrowed at Skye’s sudden move. “I… did not realize that your feelings were involved,” she said […]

The Moon Was Shining Bright

Skye slowly looked up and stared at the giant moon hanging in the sky. It was a dangerous thing to do; the cliff didn’t offer anything to grab onto. Skye immediately felt a bit lightheaded; the uneasy feeling in her stomach intensified. She could go on her knees and gain stability that way, but kneeling […]

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