Work With Me

Hey there, how are you? I’d love to work with you!

I can be your writer-on-demand, social media manager, or a virtual assistant. I have extensive experience with SEO, SMM, creative writing, storytelling, graphic design, and content repurposing. I’m constantly learning new skills and exploring new platforms so that I can offer my clients a wide array of services (and you don’t have to hire 3 different people to do one job).

I charge hourly or by project. My work hours are flexible and my deadlines are firm.

Need a storyteller for your business? I got you.

What’s the last time you were excited to write anything for your business? If you’re struggling with an answer, I’m here for you. I’ll write blog posts, e-mails, product descriptions, social media captions, e-books, and anything else you might need!

Tired of old content just sitting there?

Old content is a treasure trove, you just don’t know it yet! Repurpose your old articles, videos and audios, and even social media posts into a lead magnet, e-book, or course that will rejuvenate your business, get you new customers and subscribers!

Need help with miscellaneous tasks?

Some tasks are just… uninspiring. Delegate boring but necessary jobs such as managing your files (Google Drive, Dropbox) or doing data entry, or anything else that doesn’t require your presence and time. Let me take care of it.

Let me make your life a bit easier!

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