Diving deep. talking about perfectionism and how it often ruins our creative lives

Some Thoughts on Perfectionism

No other destructive trait disguises itself as a virtue as well as perfectionism does. That’s why people bring it up during job interviews, or use it as an excuse for being an absolute nightmare to work with.

I remember being proud of the fact that I could name 10 things wrong with any object, any human, any piece of work, anything at all at a first glance. When you’re a perfectionist, your eye gets automatically drawn to every tiny imperfection out there. It’s simply a default setting of your brain. And you know what’s the worst? You can’t turn it off. Not when you’re home with your family, not when you’re hanging out with your friends, not when you’re trying to explore new things or get to know new people. Eventually I started perceiving it as a limitation rather than a virtue.

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