Music Inspiration: Work From Home

I love deep house. I love how it takes me places without being too invasive and how it makes me flow and feel grounded at the same time.

So here’s another playlist that I’ve created. It’s lighthearted and it’s fun. You can work or study to it. You can also dance or get ready for yet another Saturday night in. The world is your oyster!

Work from home playlist by Creative Overthinker. Tracklist is in the video description on Youtube.

Personally, I love writing first drafts to this kind of music. For me, it’s an equivalent of drinking a hot strong cup of coffee. Deep house tracks of this playlist keep me going and don’t allow me to break up a writing session because of its “thick” composition.

Yeah, music has “thickness” and “thinness” to it in the way I perceive. Please don’t quote this sentiment to anyone who earned a music-related diploma, I won’t handle the ridicule))

Back in my college years, I used to listen to Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” song on repeat for the same exact reason. The outro of that song is pure perfection. It forces you to pump out anything that needs to be pumped out (oh gosh, what do I mean by that). It takes you out of a hole of overthinking (and any thinking, really) and pushes you to just get it out and done.

I’ve used this song countless times when I needed to just get the first draft finished, no matter the grammar, punctuation or coherence. That’s how my core ideas would surface, and this is how I don’t get stopped by minor obstacles such as “this word doesn’t exist” and “I don’t think anyone will get this reference”. If you’re a write a lot, you know exactly what I mean.

Now, my mix is far less intense that the part of the “Marry The Night” video that I’ve tagged for you, but it’s also longer, so you’re geared for a nice 45-minute session.

Get done whatever you need to get done. Work from home better and faster than you do at the office. Listen to kick-ass music and enjoy your day!

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